Ne pare rău, nu s-au găsit rezultate pentru căutarea dvs

A modern fan of gambling does not need to go far to plunge headlong into the world of entertainment — just use a PC, tablet, or smartphone. The Internet is brimming with online platforms, which are especially numerous after 2020, in a situation where the work of land-based establishments was paralyzed for many months. In the face of fierce competition, the offices have no other options but to stimulate the interest of visitors financially, allowing them to play without risk. Thanks to such a gift as the Lucky Thrillz casino welcome bonus, you will be able to get acquainted with the possibilities of the site and experience real excitement by spending more than you invested out of your pocket!

Receipt rules

You should start with the fact that the visitor should forget about anonymity — for many years, offices have been following the strict principle of identifying all users. Without this, the Lucky Thrillz casino welcomes bonus would not have been possible, because players would register dozens of accounts for one person and endlessly play for the casino’s money. Therefore, take filling out the questionnaire seriously — provide true data and be prepared to provide documentation proving that the visitor did not lie. Do not register if a client of the brand already lives at your address — the administration may regard this as a conspiracy to beat the casino.

As for the conditions for receiving a gift, first, you need to make a minimum deposit of 10 monetary units — euros, dollars, or pounds. By fulfilling the condition, the user will receive a doubling of the deposit (up to the upper limit of 200 pounds), and 20 free spins in addition. Separately, small gifts are provided for the second and third deposits — if they exceed the minimum threshold of $20 each, then the player will receive another 40 free spins.

Winning principle

The office gives away the opportunity to play for free precisely because deep down it is sure that most players will not be able to squeeze real profit out of such a gift. To reverse the current situation, it is worth at least carefully reading the rules of the game — this will help to comply with the rules in full.

  • Don’t get too carried away using the free spins — they need to be spent first. The «shelf life» of such a gift is only 24 hours — whoever did not have time, will only regret his omission.
  • You can pick up gifts only after putting down an amount that is many times greater than the size of the gift itself. The deposit bonus has a wagering requirement of 35x, and winnings from free spins are subject to an even tougher wagering requirement of 50x. If you want to pick up a gift, get ready to inject funds.
  • The office wants the user to move, therefore he limits the time for wagering to only three weeks. If you want to pick up a gift, the amount of which you already know for sure, you must not only play in this institution but also do it intensively, because a player who is too slow will be left with nothing.

In practice, such a bonus is offered by the administrations of many casinos, in some cases even under completely identical conditions. This becomes possible because the brand is part of a larger gambling holding, within which the terms of the welcome bonus can be the same. As a result, we would call this offer quite interesting in terms of content, but somewhat discriminatory due to strict wagering requirements.

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